September 21, Industry 4.0 Live Showroom

In the Dominican Republic on September 21st we will talk about Industry 4.0 and the benefits for a broad segment of applications and companies.


Globally, companies competing in more demanding markets have already understood that they must change paradigms and adapt quickly so that their front-line workers are trained, participate and adopt all the alternatives offered by the era of Industry 4.0, seeking to ensure flexibility, safety, quality, higher productivity and efficiency in decision making.

Recently available statistics are demonstrating the tangible and intangible benefits of the adoption and connectivity of the workforce. Some well-known examples include: direct productivity gains of more than double digits, reductions of more than 50% in training time for new workers, reductions of more than 40% in time for format changes and reductions of up to 80% in the time associated with the administration of inspection lists, checks or audits.

However, despite the potential benefits that this industrial revolution brings, many organizations still struggle to understand what lies behind the infinite universe of existing possibilities, how to identify existing opportunities and their priorities, how to implement and scale progressively so that their workers begin to realize all the opportunities and moreover, in a sustainable way to their unique priorities and reality.

It is for this fundamental reason that we have organized for next September 21st an important event at the Roble corporate center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where the intention is to offer to a large sample of very important companies in the Dominican Republic and abroad some examples of integration that we have been working years ago, to provide clear, agile, realistic scenarios and significant return on investment.

In the first instance it is our response to the frequent inquiries related to how to take advantage of the tools available in the market, that are cost effective, quick to implement and that accommodate the limited budgets of emerging countries.

We predict a successful event and we have no doubt of the added value for all those companies that will be physically or virtually joining us.