Our Services Project Management

Support in transformation projects necessary to meet strategic objectives in scope, quality and time.

Our ServicesManufacturing Management

Increased efficiency and productivity of your production lines which translates into competitive advantage

Our ServicesMaintenance Management

Gain control over chronic failure. Increased reliability and availability of your productive assets.

Our Services Digital Trasformation

Innovation within your manufacturing processes by integrating tools of the industrial 4.0 era.

Our Services Specific Training

Training needs are specific to each organization according to its operational reality and strategic objectives.

Maintenance Management

Professionalization to global standards

Manufacturing Management

Increased efficiency of production lines

Digital Transformation

The connected worker in the era of Industry 4.0

Project Management

Accompaniment to comply in scope, quality and time.
What doesn't make a difference?

Innovative Solutions

Increasingly competitive markets demand effective, different, creative and fast but simple solutions.

Customer experience, our top priority

Delivering exceptional experiences to our customers drives us to reinvent ourselves to go beyond our expertise.

C9Businessolution se destaca por su nivel de profesionalismo e innovación en el desarrollo de capacitación y en su metodología para el diagnóstico de la gestión de mantenimiento.

Subgerencia Mantenimiento

Las recomendaciones han sido de mucho valor agregado para nuestra organización, en especial por su capacidad de cumplir con lo prometido y de involucrarse activamente con todo el personal.

Gerencia de Planta
Rep. Dom.

Recomendamos a C9Businessolution como empresa responsable, comprometida y con amplia experiencia que antepone los intereses del cliente sobre sus intereses particulares.

Gerente de Plantación
Rep. Dom.

Satisfechos con mayor productividad de los recursos físicos de nuestras áreas de servicio y soporte de operaciones al igual que la optimización de la gestión de mantenimiento.

Gerencia Mantenimiento
Rep. Dom.

Los resultados han sido satisfactorios y de amplio valor agregado para nuestra organización, las recomendaciones sugeridas han contribuido al logro de nuestros objetivos.

Gerencia Planta
Rep. Dom.

C9Businessolution can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done with expected quality, time and budget. Challenges are met with enthusiasm and creativity.


C9Businessolution se ha destacado por su profesionalismo, innovación y compromiso lo que nos permite recomendarla ampliamente como aliado estratégico en la optimización de la gestión de activos.

Dirección Global Manufactura

Our strategic business partner plataform

With them we expand our technological and business capabilities to offer more comprehensive services, with a broader geographic reach.
We are inspired by the idea of maximizing the potential of these synergies at the highest possible speed to accelerate the value added for our customers.
Success with C9Businessolution

We are 100% compliant

We always meet our work plans in scope, quality and time.
Interested in joining the team?

You are interested in creating positive and lasting value.

With us you can combine your skills, ingenuity, curiosity, best practices and technology to create positive and lasting value.
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Decrease in inventory value of spare parts

Progressive reduction of obsolescence and value of spare parts inventory.
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OEE optimization of production lines

Progressive and sustainable increase in efficiency.
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Reduction of equipment intervention times

Gradual optimization either with own or external resources.
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Hours of mean time between failures

Over 6000 hours in TMEF, that's gain of control over chronic failure.
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Increase the productivity of plant personnel

Process digitization and connectivity in the Industry 4.0 scasxera. jasdhgty ia

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Improving the experience of our customers
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