¿How can a training plan increase productivity in the organization?

Here are some tips, which we intend to serve as a reflection at the time of defining training plans and related investments:

-An integral approach is required to convert a more productive and adaptable human resource, using the available technology to reinvent the employee experience and that allows organizations to be more agile, based on the understanding of their reality to design in concrete a plan according to their business reality from the perspective of their human resource.

-It is important that people acquire new skills to better face current challenges. People demand new ways of learning and achieving better results in their work. These two trends demand new training and skills development strategies in a more agile and cost-effective framework.

-Today’s global competitiveness demands that companies reinvent not only the way they work but also the way they develop their human capital, seeking to create new ways to add value and embrace new technologies that offer a flexible, friendly, interactive and highly attractive learning environment.

-A learning plan with the right scale and according to the specific needs of the organization is the key to success for the return on investment in training. We suggest three steps to facilitate the process and return on investment.

-The first step in defining a training plan for your staff begins with an understanding of the current skills and actions or needs required by the organization’s strategic plan, therefore, each plan is unique to the reality of each business.

-The second is to structure the plan by aligning training needs with specific business objectives in context and time. An intelligent training plan begins when employees leave the training rooms and start putting into practice what they have learned, focusing efforts on the specific needs of the organization.

The third step, related to the follow-up of what has been learned, its propagation within the operation and its implementation, is the most effective way to guarantee and quantify the return on investment in the field of training.

It is because of these market needs, that through a strategic alliance we have decided to enrich the level of services to our customers by updating the topics and contents of our corporate eLearning platform, which will soon be available to everyone. With this we want to help solve the deficiencies in the development of the workforce to support the training plans necessary for the fulfillment of the strategic objectives of their organizations.

Just to remind you of the essence of our e-learning platform, here are some basic attributes:

-The instructional model is based on a theoretical framework seeking its application in a very simple and pragmatic way, to the operational reality of the organization, specifically in maintenance and manufacturing management, using the methodology of case analysis formulated in the scenario…. A day in the life of.

-Learning in Action, is the essence of the methodology, so at the end of each training our commitment is to act as catalysts and facilitators in the identification of concrete projects in their natural area of performance whose implementation is in the very short term. This deliverable allows organizations to really evaluate the return on investment in staff training.

Why use our platform?

You can study from anywhere in the world. You only have to access the virtual platform from a computer, cell phone or tablet and ready, you are connected to your training plan.

-You manage the best time to study. You can distribute your study time based on your personal, family or professional agenda. This is important for your quality of life.

-Our eLearning platform allows you to access your specific development plan according to an established plan.

-Updating yourself keeps you competitive in the market. Our training proposals are an option to be more competitive in your specific field of work or professional development.

Success in defining your training plans.