Outcomes of the Corporate Event Live Showroom Industry 4.0

We are very satisfied and grateful to all the companies that participated locally and internationally in this, our second business event in the Dominican Republic.

Undoubtedly it was a very intense morning seeking to meet a very ambitious agenda, which was developed and fulfilled with much participation of both audiences, the face-to-face and the virtual.

In total, more than fifty participants connecting five countries, with a rich diversity in industry segments, sizes as well as different geographical scopes of attention.

Overall the event, although with a broad and generic context due to the diversity of companies, was considered of great interest, added value and especially aligned with many strategic initiatives for all of them for the next year 2023.

Thanks to the positive comments, to the individual requests to continue talking about the topic and especially to listen to the developing initiatives of each of the participating companies. This makes us consider that the event was a complete success and exceeded our expectations.

We will always be at your disposal to support you, sharing experiences, advice, knowledge, best practices and, of course, as a strategic alternative to jointly overcome all your business challenges.

We are very proud of the team of collaborators and all those who have contributed to make this a great event. Please join me in thanking them all.

Success in all your business endeavors.